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Newborn Swimming Sessions

These new sessions provide a fantastic way for parents to bond with baby in a calm and gentle environment.

Swimtots | Newborn Swimming Sessions

Born from water, babies have an inbuilt ability to move freely in water. Re-introducing babies to water as soon as possible after birth has many benefits. It allows them to feel reconnected to their womb experience and the floating in warm water enables them to relax and bond on a deeper level with their mother or father.

During our specifically designed Newborn Swimming Sessions, we concentrate on floatation and relaxation. You will be shown how to hold your baby and how to swim with them. Research and experience has shown that mid-morning or early afternoon is the best time for these lessons as it enables the baby to feed and sleep after the swim, waking later for a feed and play before settling down for a good night’s sleep. Submersions are kept to a minimum and only after a few sessions and when both baby and parent are ready. We use red, black and white toys for stimulation, knowing that babies under 12 weeks can only see in contrast.

Along with the usual health benefits of baby swimming these newborn sessions will assist in:

  • Improving sleep patterns
  • Relaxing both parent and baby
  • Promoting healthy development
  • Parent learns to read their baby’s own unique language and how to respond effectively
  • Birth trauma can be healed for both mother and baby
  • Improves a parent’s confidence in handling a new baby

Please remember that babies can swim from birth as injections are not necessary. The youngest baby to come swimming in our lessons was 12 days old! Please refer to the NHS website for full information on immunisations.

Our Newborn Swimming Sessions are open to all parents with a baby from birth to 12 weeks. The cost is £5.00 per session. No block booking is necessary as we know all about good and bad days! These lessons are strictly limited to 6 adults per class to ensure a calm environment.

This is an open session, so please feel free to attend as often as you like. Please just book through our website at least 48 hours before hand. Payment must be made at the time of booking. Unfortunately, our instructors will not be able to take payment on the day.

Don’t forget we also offer a free lesson to all new parents so please book your free lesson today!

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